Let´s put a stop to litter in the Baltic Sea.

The amount of litter in the Baltic Sea is increasing at an alarming rate. How would you cut down on litter entering the sea?

"Meriroskahaaste" challenge prize is open to everyone. We are looking for solutions that decrease the amount of litter ending up in the Baltic Sea. The winner(s) will be awarded 32 000 euros to realize their idea!

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Meriroska hiekkameri

Meriroska roskameri


Three winners share the prize amount

The Jury of the MERIROSKAHAASTE Challenge Prize divided the prize amount between three finalists.

Paptic Ltd was awarded 15 000 euros. The biobased, recyclable and renewable material the company has developed is made of sustainable wood fibre and offers a combination of paper´s and plastic´s qualities.

Team PlastBug was awarded 10 000 euros for their concept of self-sufficient mobile units where plastic eating microbes convert plastic waste to valuable products.

The association Keep the Archipelago Tidy was awarded 7000 euros. The association´s idea is to challenge the people and their habits by marking rainwater covers, ashtrays and trash bins with a visible and informative theme.

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Register for “Meriroskahaaste” challenge prize

Your solution may be related to people’s behaviour, circular economy, product and packaging industry, or some other significant factor in relation to littering of the Baltic Sea.

The solution may be e.g.:

- new method or technology
- new, smarter course of action
- new form of cooperation
- new, more efficient process or
- new commercial product or service.


The solution has to affect the fundamental causes and processes of littering in the Baltic Sea. Although the challenge prize concentrates on Finland and the Baltic Sea, we are looking for solutions that can be applied globally.

The challenge prize is open to all, and both individuals and teams may participate. The participant may be an organization or a natural person. The winner(s) will be awarded 32 000 euros to further develop their idea.

The challenge prize is organized by the Finnish Environment Institute.

Present your solution on the registration form.

The registration closed on the 15th of April.